BE my Slave !

To pamper me, your elite findom! there are several possibilities, Also a live meeting for a Cash & Go or a shopping tour with me is possible.

Bear in mind, that I am pure luxury and only a few, selected Moneyslaves come to the honor of being able to pamper me real. You want to serve Europe's elite Findom? For my life? Work for me? Make my life as comfortable as possible? You can contact me to discuss the possibilities!




Tribute before mailing!!!)

Do not forget to send an appropriate initial attribute : (click) or  Amanzon.Uk (Click). Contact requests, which are sent to me without tribute: I ignore!


A slave is on a shopping trip with me, how will this shopping expire?


First and foremost, it depends on how much your budget is. Of course, I'm not interested in peanuts and I do not waste my precious time, with poor gobblers!


the basic conditions have been clarified. there are the following options:


Option 1:

You want to serve me? I'm always looking for a shopping slave and a slave for my bags. I'll have fun in the city, I'll buy at your expense and let you serve me from start to finish.


Your task is as follows:

- You pay for my purchases (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior etc.)

- You are carrying my bags

- You pay for my coffee, champagne and lunch


If you are lucky, you can sit a few more tables and drink water. If I do not feel like seeing your visage, you will wait outside the door, with your head down and with my shopping bags ... hahaha

I will use you and treat you like the last filth. You will do, what I command!


Now, apply you and tell me, what you can offer me!

First, payment: minimum 300,- $               


Second, you can applicate


Contact requests, which are sent to me without tribute: I ignore!


Option 2 (only possible in Vienna!):

Every month, I am at a special day with my stunning mom and my pretty aunts in the City of Vienna for a "Ladies-Day". Of course, we are shopping in the finest luxury shops and for our recover, from the "stress" of shopping - we have 1-2 bottles of champagne rosé and lunch in the most exclusive restaurants in the city.


You want to give us money and pay for our luxury, but you can not come to Vienna or are you too cowardly?


No problem: Sure it makes your slaves pee, that also YOU ​​have the following ways to give us plenty of your puny loser money:

- with a cash letter

- by Paypal

- by direct moneytransfer

- Bank transfer

- Amazon coupons

Also the possibility,  to go on vacation with a slave, of course! This holiday is completely financed by you! Remember, that I only spend my well-deserved luxury vacation in the finest hotels and resorts.









Contact requests, which are sent to me without tribute: I ignore!


I drive often with totally submissive slaves on vacation! Of course, the slave has to pay for everything. Of course, I will take a real man with me and the slave has to obey me and my alpha man! In any case, he is a chastity belt created, chaste slaves obey just better! Yes, according to passion, it is used as a remanufacturer, cuckold, servant, living toilet, human banker, footstool etc.

After your Payment, send youR Application/Email

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