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I love my long, silky, fire-red hair! Imagine, how well my mane smells! You have to make sure, that your Mistress always looks perfect and this is expensive! You would like, i miss nothing? I love being pampered and cared in every possible ways. Pay my weekly hairdressing visit: costs 350 Dollar and bring a smile on my perfect face!  $ 350 weekly - Use the MarkUp code for this bill and pay one full month: NoraMarkUpCode1

Surely, you have already seen my beautiful, long neat fingernails? In order for these to remain so beautiful, a visit to my nail designer is necessary! I love my shiny, blood red fingernails. You may be lucky enough, to pay for my stunning claws for a month and who knows, maybe one day I'll torment your nipples and scratch you with my breathtakingly long, sexy claws.

Show your grateful, spoil me and take the cost of my weekly manicure now:

$ 150 weekly

Use the MarkUp code for this: noramarkupcode2

My immaculate, beautiful feet need extra care to stay so soft and well groomed! Just imagine, how horny is to lick it and how good it smells after a shopping day! You will make sure, that my feet always beautiful! I do not pay anything by myself. Pay the costs for a 1-month pedicure. Are you really good and pampered me financially, as it is possible, you may perhaps one day present your money to my sexy feet and put your nose very deep between my toe slits:

Go foot slave now, take over the cost! Hurry up!

$ 100 weekly

Use the MarkUp code for this:


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